Diabetes Iphone app Market Research 2014- Iphone app Dowmloads & Market Revenue

The Diabetes App Market Statement 2014 can be described as comprehensive examination about the performance of diabetes programs, key players, best practises, country markets, regulatory impact, market styles and profits from 08 2018. Diabetes has become a global epidemic with significant influence on society plus the economy. In 2013 around 382M persons around the world were estimated to suffer from diabetes. Mobile applications promise to try out an invaluable part in supporting people who have problems with diabetes to empower these to better take care of their state and as a result reduce medical costs. Cellular apps can help in the daily management of diabetes by supporting behavior changes, facilitating communication and easing the hassle of keeping track of all relevant parameters that have an influence on the disease. Presently there are more than 1 . 90 iOS and Android apps listed on the Apple App Store and Google Play that are specifically designed for diabetes sufferers and healthcare professionals to deal with diabetics. The report examins in detail your initial years of the app market (2008-2013) and supplies an view of the next phase (2014-2018).

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The record includes:

•Analysis and categorization of 1. 90 diabetes apps

•Description of 6 ideal practise elements that creates a successful diabetes app •Detailed market evaluation of the previous 5 years (2008-2013) including size of the addressable marketplace, downloads, business structure and system market share, app and in-app-purchase price expansion, market earnings total through revenue sources •Profiles of top 18 diabetes iphone app publishers that represent 65% of market share including diabetes app profile description as well as performance •Top 10 country profiles that represent the biggest local market segments for diabetes apps including cumulated market downloads and active users per system •Analysis of available clinical trials that investigate the effect of mobile phone apps around the diabetes care •Interpretation of regulatory suggestions from the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION on diabetes apps •Description of the main factors that will influence the diabetes application market in the next five years •Detailed market forecast which include downloads, profits, user penetration in focus on group, software related messfuhler shipment and service consumer numbers *** Choose the organization license to also get a PowerPoint package deal of all graphs used in the report. *** The record answers queries like:

•What is the addressable market of diabetes applications globally and major countries? •What produces a best practise diabetes software?

•Under which in turn circumstances does a diabetes application have to get pre-market approval by regulatory agencies? •What are definitely the main rivals and how carry out they perform?

•What size has the addressable market with the major countries? •What are the main options for revenue to get diabetes iphone app publishers today and in five years? The report is dependent on a detailed info set of 1 ) 100 diabetes apps available for the iOS and Android os operating system in 27 countries. More than 31 interviews with physicians, diabetics, app programmers and web publishers have been executed to discuss the current status of the market and also future tendencies. In addition , more than 20 mHealth app residential areas have been looked into to include responses from diabetes app users. The most rep feedback in the interviews and community research are included in the report.

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Table of Contents

you Content

two Scope of the report five

3 Administration summary six

4 The advantages of innovative mobile apps promoting diabetes sufferers 8 5. 1 A global diabetes epidemics 10

some. 2 The explosion of diabetes treatment costs 10

5 The promises of mobile apps for diabetes care 13

5. 1 The impact of diabetes software on daily diabetes management 13 a few. 2 The clinical trial results: The proof that...

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