Loreal Dissertation

Exploratory evaluation of global cosmetic industry:

significant players, technology and market trends

Sameer Kumar*

College or university of Business, University of St Jones, Mail # TMH 343, 1000 LaSalle Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403-2005, USA Subjective

Humans for time immemorial have used cosmetic makeup products, an industry focused by a few major players. The study testimonials main attributes of this industry and also the essential players on the globe marketplace. Comparative financial and SWOT examines provide an increased understanding of the industry. Moreover to technology and innovative developments, current conditions and developments in the cosmetic industry will be explored. The analysis also analyzes in depth the impacts of globalization on this industry. q 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Keywords: Plastic industry; Toiletry industry; Aesthetic industry research; SWOT research; Cosmeceuticals; Globalization 1 . Intro

Why study Perfume, Cosmetic and Toiletry industry?

The answer then is straightforward (Perfumes, Cosmetics,

and also other Toilet Arrangements, 2003). This can be a significantly

essential industry certainly not in terms of the contribution to global GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT but by simply its stunning influence around the colorful

interpersonal lives of humans throughout the world. The use of makeup,

fragrances, and personal care products could be traced returning to ancient moments as early as Egyptian, Greek, and Roman eras.

Here are some examples coming from history. Neanderthal man

coated his confront with reds, browns, and yellows made

from clay, mud, and arsenic. Bone fragments were used to curl curly hair.

Makeup, tattoo designs, and accents conveyed required social

data. Galen, an ancient Greek medical doctor, invented

cool cream. The Romans utilized oil-based perfumes on their

physiques, in their bathing and fountains, and utilized them to

their weapons. Crusaders of the thirteenth century helped bring

fragrances returning to Europe in the Far East. The perfumes

designed during the 16th century were powders or

gelatinous pastes. Natural fragrances were made by a

various ingredients containing aroma.

Will probably be of interest and value to learn

the characteristics and background with this industry.

Financial and SWOT analyses can provide additional

insights to the market. Probing current conditions and

trends as well as the level of class in the application of technology and innovative developments would unfold some myths about the industry. The impacts of globalization

with this industry is yet another important concern to explore.

When equipped with this kind of knowledge, a few industry

projections can be manufactured. The rest of the daily news presents

research of the factors introduced over.

2 . Industry background

When folks mention about the aesthetic industry, it

mostly refers to only color cosmetic or perhaps makeup portion,

which beliefs just a bit over 18% of the whole market of

the personal proper care industry (Toiletries and Cosmetic makeup products:

Industry Snapshot, 2003). The structure on this industry,

with regards to product classification and applying global industry

size pertaining to various product families in 2001, can be illustrated in Fig. 1 .

In 2001, Cosmetics (Makeup) products constituted

roughly 18% of total global industry for Makeup,

Toiletry, and Fragrance. Table 1 studies Global Makeup products

(Makeup) Sales trends (including compound annual growth

rates (CAGR)) through the period 1997–2001 in the major


0166-4972/$ - see front subject q 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. doi: 10. 1016/j. technovation. 2005. 07. 003

Technovation twenty-five (2005) 1263–1272


2. Tel.: C1-651-962-4350; fax: C1-651-962-4710.

E-mail treat: [email protected] edu.

Let us review some more information about this sector. USA

is a biggest market in the world, yet France is a biggest ceder of cosmetics worldwide. The expansion of

marketplace has moved from Western hemisphere to developing

areas in South usa, Eastern The european countries, and Asia

especially Cina; having consumption more than twelve. 4%

CAGR per year during past your five...

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