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English language and traditions in professional communication



The higher time the work schedule shows, the faster the introduction of the culture is. Every era of human beings provides its most important invention or perhaps progress that represents the bottom for further expansion, further developments, further progress – basically, for adjustments. As time goes the changes are more and even more frequent and more and more significant. The technical development provides the people possibilities that were number of years ago unimaginable. But everyone know that the more possibilities we now have, the quicker the life is usually. That is the normal characteristics from the modern period, of nowadays society, of the lives – we live quickly, existence are full of emotions and very frequently full of tension but on the other hand, the progress, the inventions and technological development give us gigantic number of options and new possibilities to make use of our lives – to live a modern day life. And hand in hand with all these developments go mass media, very closely interconnected with new technologies, distributing information and influencing our lives. It is the availability of media which enables them therefore powerful and influential. Everyone have to concur that we will be in contact with mass media every single day, our company is surrounded by them and every one they the media modify or at least a little bit question our opinions, attitudes and decisions. In this article, we are going to go over the issue of multimedia and modern life of today, we are going to specify media also to deal with benefits and drawbacks of them, with assorted spheres with their influence – in general, we intend to deal with the function as well as the effect of press and we will as well discuss the influence the media include on today´s society.

Firstly, we are going to define what the expression " media" means and includes. The Longman Book of Contemporary English language defines media as „all the organizations, sucha s television, radio, plus the newspapers which provide information to get the public" (1995, g. 886 ). Word " media" is the plural form of " medium", but – as The Free Dictionary (2012) likewise supports – „when media refers towards the mass media, it truly is sometimes remedied as a single form. " To show just how these two terms are tightly connected to the other person, we can look up the definition of mass media. The dictionary describes mass media while „all those and organizations that provide info and media for the general public, including television set, radio, and newspaper " (Longman Book of Contemporary English, 1995, l. 875). In this essay, we intend to use the terms media and mass media because synonyms his or her definitions are incredibly similar and they are generally also often utilized as synonyms nowadays inside the society.

The key idea of this kind of essay – as we already stated in the introduction – is usually to deal with the void of the influence that multimedia have about people and society. We must consider several fields or spheres of people´s lives that are inspired by media. And as the society is usually modified and created largely by fresh generations, we all account your children (as the topic of media influence) to be the greatest point to start with. Let us consider the contact the kid has with media from the early the child years – it is mainly the tv. All of us need to agree which the fairy stories that are offered to children currently are different from the fairy tales that people watched. The plots vary, the heroes are different, the image of main character has changed and today´s fairy tales often miss the morals. Though we might not realize this, this has very secure influence on children. The fairy reports include more...

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