Redemptive Vision Coms Newspaper "Eating Disorders"

COMS 101-008

5 December 2012

My Redemptive Vision Daily news Outline

Thesis: A social issue that plagues the world today are eating disorders, but these can be helped by Christian counselors, who also fix the problem by simply letting people struggling with anoresia or bulimia know that they can be important to Our god, God beliefs their physique, and that Goodness cherishes when we recognize each of our weaknesses and offer our problems to him. I. Specify social trouble and set up that it exists somewhere on the globe A. Eating-disorder

i. Webster Dictionary

1 . any of a lot of psychological disorders characterized by significant disturbances of eating tendencies (medical definition) 2 . " Eating disorder”

ii. Several categories

several. Anorexia Therapy

a. Self-starvation

b. Fat loss

c. Serious

d. " absence of appetite”

e. 15%-60% body weight is usually lost

farrenheit. Distorted watch of their own pounds or shape g. Reject health risks/consequences

4. Binge Eating Disorder

l. Eating obsessively- overeating

we. Compulsive consuming twice weekly for 6 months j. your five, 000- 15, 000 calories in one resting

k. Eating too much continually the whole day

5. Hambre Nervosa

l. Eating obsessively and getting rid of it (exercise, laxatives, regurgitation, etc . ) m. Serious

n. Cycle

i. More than eat (binge)

ii. Undo (Throw up)

iii. Repeat

o. Mainly caused by declining diets

6. Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Particular EDNOS l. Combination of signal and indicators but not possess important standards q. Irregular binge-purge episodes

r. Repeated chewing and spitting with out swallowing s i9000. Normal excess weight

t. Anorexic behavior

3. Caused by a quantity of factors

six. Emotional disorders

8. Physical disorders

on the lookout for. Family challenges

10. Innate or biologic susceptibility

11. Culture with overabundance of food

doze. Culture with an infatuation with thinness

II. Describe the job field and its expertise that I might use to table the sociable problem B. Professional Christian Counselor


13. Be allowed to pray

14. Permitted to refer to Holy book

15. Permitted to use religious principles, meaning, activities, and instructions to manage the disorder v.

16. nurturing

17. growing

18. esteem-building

19. supportive

20. sufferer

III. Give examples of those who used and/or using this task field to counter eating disorders C. Barry Hall


vii. (Heb. 13: 9).

21 years old. Don't get carried away by all sorts of unfamiliar teachings. Gaining internal strength via God's attention is good for us. This strength does not come from following guidelines about meals, rules that don't help those who comply with them. twenty-two. Foods are of no advantage compared to the occurrence of God given freely by His grace! viii. Food does not fill each of our longing for God—it only distracts us from what we want: God. ix. God is somewhat more fulfilling and pleasurable than food. Deb. Edward Welch


xi. Wrote Eating Disorders; The Pursuit of Thinness

xii. encourage Christian counselling and restoration from anoresia or bulimia xiii. explains to his people that in the middle of anoresia or bulimia is a religious problem xiv. The problem of trying to live life with out Our god and His occurrence. E. Barbara Cole...

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