Safety Policy for Confined Space

Management for Construction (EN-C007)

Year: Consumption 3 2012-2013

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Case Study in Safety Supervision

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Ho Sik Keung, Raylen

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Tai Lee Construction Company Limited

Contract No . ABC001

Yuen Very long Development – (clearing of clogged sewage manholes)

Web page Safety and Quality Managing Plan


1 . Identify the relevant Laws

2 . Collate information on similar cases

several. Analysis the real key features of the situation and recognize the risk on construction basic safety and top quality


I) Safe Working Procedure Survey

II) Reference point

1 . 0 Identify the kind of Legislation

1 . 1 The Factories and Industrial Companies (Confined Spaces) Regulation (the Regulation) relates to work in a great industrial executing that takes place: в†ђ within a confined space

в†ђ inside the immediate vicinity of, and is connected with work occurring within, a confined space 1 . a couple of Preface

1 . 2 . 1 Operating close to or in a manhole receives potential hazards which may lead to serious mishaps. The common kinds include falls/slips, fire or perhaps explosion, o2 depletion, gas poisoning, temperature stress, drowning, asphyxiation arising from gas, fume, vapour and entrapment by free flowing solid. It is always overlooked or neglected, hazards involving gas, leading to significant casualties. 1 . 2 . two Remind people entering or working in a manhole to adopt appropriate steps, including measures for the prevention of lack of oxygen and poison gas. " Certified workers(Note 1)” has to be familiar with the ‘Code of Practice – Safety and Health at the job in Limited Spaces', and before coming into a manhole, they must consider all important safety precautions to make sure safety at your workplace. (Note 1) Under the Industries and Commercial Undertakings (Confined Spaces) Legislation, " accredited worker” means a person: ← who have attained age 18 years; and

в†ђ whom holds a certificate released by a person whom the Commissioner provides authorized to certify staff as being proficient to operate a enclosed space. installment payments on your 0 Gather information on related cases

2 . one particular Before entering manholes, the subsequent points ought to pay attention: installment payments on your 1 . one particular No worker shall enter into a restricted space initially until a risk examination report, in regards to such enclosed space, have been received. installment payments on your 1 . 2 When job is to be carried out in a limited space, a " qualified person” (Note 2) will probably be appointed to handle an analysis of working conditions inside the confined space and produce recommendations on measures to be taken in relation to safety and health of workers when working in that space. 2 . 1 . 3 The liable person offers issued a valid certificate and only within the period specified in the certificate ahead of the appointed staff member allow to the manhole. Before issuing such a certificate, a proprietor or maybe a contractor shall employ a " competent person” to perform a risk assessment, including the use of appropriate equipment to try the air inside manhole. Employee should never employ out-dated strategies (like tossing a flame down the manhole, observing the distribution of small family pets and the coloring of the manhole) as a security indicator intended for entering a manhole.

(Note 2) Under the Factories and Industrial Companies (Confined Spaces) Regulation, " competent person” means a person- ← who has obtained the age of 18 years;

в†ђ who is both:

i) A safety expert registered beneath the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Officials and Security Supervisors) Polices (Cap. fifty nine sub. Calf. ); or perhaps ii) An individual who holds a certificate issued by a person whom the Commissioner provides authorized to certify persons as being skilled to prepare risk assessment reviews; and that has...

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