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8 Survival Tips and Tricks on the Outdoor and Wilderness (part 5 of 5)

Survival Tips and Tricks on the Outdoor and Wilderness. In this article I will share with you my little tricks.  They will help you to arrange your camping place in the winter forest and to make it more atmospheric. After all, all these things are made with improvised materials and modern technologies will not be involved in their creation.

How to sharpen an axe

A man in the forest cannot survive without an axe and the sharper the axe the faster it is. That is why some survival tips and tricks are useful for everyone. It is very important to keep your axe in a good shape with a well-sharpened blade. I always have a bench stone in my backpack. My experience has shown that it is more convenient to sharpen an axe if it is fixed well. On long-term camping places of permanent residence and near my tent I prefer to fix the axe in a dead standing tree with a diameter of preferably about 150 millimeters. To do this I apply a marking along the contour of the axe.

Как точить топор

Next we make two cuts with an extension to the center, we remove the sawn inner part with a knife. The depth and height of the cut should be big enough to fix the axe back well.

If the hole turned out to be less than necessary, it is easy to make it bigger. But it happens sometimes that the hand trembles and the hole becomes too big. A small wedge will correct the situation.

There are several ways for sharpening an axe, but the main thing is that it should be convenient to work with. In that way the quality of sharpening will be the best.

Survival Tips and Tricks

The obvious advantages of such a clamp are the ability to make it at the right height for comfortable operation, multiple use and ease of use. It takes me ten minutes to make it.

Сhair in the wild

On a quiet winter day you want just to sit by the fire, feel its warmth and enjoy a delicious tea. I prefer to make comfortable wooden chairs in which my friends and I spend a lot of time chatting over a mug of aromatic drink. They are incredibly simple to make, you will need only an axe.

At the base of the front part there will be a pine log, at the edges we cut down the bowls. It is not necessary to make them perfectly smooth. The most important thing here is not to let the logs that will be laid in them roll out.

The length of the logs can be different depending on the size of the chair you need.

Волосы в дикой природе

In the logs laid on the sides from above we also cut the bowls in which we lay another log. It will be kind of a frame of our future chair. This design is really convenient. Such a chair can be placed on any surface – snow, sand, pebbles. It will not fall or wobble.

Волосы в дикой природе

On the top log I make notches and then cut down the bowls so that it fits snugly the side logs

The back is made of logs that are installed in the gap between the lower base and the upper log. At the edges, you can cut the upper part of the side logs to make a convenient stand.

уловки выживания

As a result you will get a very comfortable chair for gatherings around the campfire. Believe me it’s worth your time!

Survival Tips and Tricks

Kettle on the campfire

The day is in full swing, soon we will drink tea. I decide to make one of my favorite suspension devices next to the wooden chair which is located near the campfire now. A log with a height of about a meter and a diameter of 100 millimeters is sharpened from one side.

Чайник на костре

We drive it into the ground next to the campfire. This will be one of the two parts of our suspension. The main thing is that the log is tightly held in the ground and does not tend to the side.

Чайник на костре

The lever on which the teapot will hang will be made from a branch with a diameter of 50 millimeters.  The edge that will be attached to the first part is sharpened in the form of a triangle, on the other side we make a groove for the handle of the kettle so that it does not slip.

Советы по выживанию

In the upper part we make a cut in the shape of the triangular part of the lever with an extension to the center. The remaining wood is removed.

уловки выживания

A lever is installed into the groove. Such a suspension will serve you at least a whole season. Due to the fact that it rotates, the kettle can be moved away from the center of the campfire and it will be in heating mode. You do not to thrust the hand into the flame to remove the kettle or pot from the fire. It is one of my favorite survival tricks

Survival Tips and Tricks

Forest tea

Everyone likes different sorts of tea, the main thing is that it is delicious. Ginger gives a bright aroma and spicy taste, it warms well and retains heat in the body. Lemon boosts the immune system, is rich in vitamin C and paired with ginger gives a powerful warming effect. And of course an orange, It gives a unique composition of taste and aroma. The smell of citrus essential oils mixed with the coniferous smell of the forest is splendid

Лесной чай

Today we make black tea with barberry fruit. After filling it in the kettle we add ginger, lemon and orange there. Drinking delicious tea sitting in a wooden chair by the fire is a real pleasure!

Bed for survival in the woods  

The best way to restore strength in nature is a healthy sleep. On camping places where I spend several days I prefer to sleep on hanging beds. It takes no more than an hour to make such a bed, but the effort and time spent are always paid off. The main thing is to find a suitable place. We need 4 trees standing nearby. I think in a dense forest this is a simple task. The width of the bed will be limited by the distance between the two trees, the length can be any.

Between the trees in width I pull the ropes. For better tension I wrap the rope between them, the same thing we do on the other side. The main thing is that the rope is reliable and can carry the weight of a person for whom this bed is made.

Кровать для выживания

Then dry poles are placed on the ropes. The main requirement for them is the same as for the rope – they must carry a person. They should be laid as tightly as possible. The length should fit the human height. Now we have a homemade bed frame.

Excessive length is removed with an ax. The pole is cut off in a circle; we strike at an angle of 45 degrees and then hit this place with the back of the axe. It is important at this moment not to put your hands, feet or head under the blow. The first test showed that all the structural elements of the task cope, but we need a few more poles.

Кровать для выживания в лесу

The hanging bed is perfect for sleeping in winter, if you have a fine sleeping quilt, and if the weather allows. Also such a bed can be used in wet areas or during prolonged rains, when the entire soil is saturated with water. For protection from rain I recommend to install an awning, it takes up less space in a backpack and is much easier to carry than a tent.

самодельный каркас кровати

The level of comfort is very high, you can lie down for a long time and do not want to get up. The ropes due to the fact that they bend create an anatomical effect plus another effect of lulling.

A very simple bed is quickly made, those who have not slept on such a bed should definitely try it. How wonderful it is to lie down like this, swing, look at the sky through green needles, it is very cool.

Survival Tips and Tricks

After a busy active day in the open air and a mug of hot delicious tea, you are drawn to sleep. And when you see such a bed, you do not have any strength to resist at all.

Why is that bed so good?

1) It is much more convenient than a hammock, because hammocks swing strongly. Hammocks have such a compression effect, when you lie down, it squeezes you. There is no such effect here.

2) And the second thing, the bed is slightly pushed into the center and if you turn, you will immediately feel that you have a rise on the left and right. As a result you will understand that it is dangerous to move further. I recommend  to make stop logs on the sides.

How to make a wooden cup

Almost everyone had cases when you forget to take something with you on a short hike or on a long trip. And you remember about it after you have already left many kilometers from civilization, or when you unpack your backpack. Sometimes I forget to take a mug with me. But in the forest you can easily make a wooden tea cup yourself, if you do not forget to take a knife or an axe.

Survival Tips and Tricks

A small block is divided into four parts. Then it is important to match all the parts together immediately so that they are not confused, and make a notch from the center to the bottom. Then it will be easy to determine where the top is, where the bottom is at each quarter.

Survival Tips and Tricks

We cut off the insides from the center down from each of the quarters. Then put everything together again, and we have a water container. It can be made deeper and wider, but the thicker the side faces of the bottom, the better the water holds in such a container.


Well, the lower part is tightly wrapped with a rope, after a few turns we put a small stick and continue to wrap. The stick will help to tighten the rope much better. And then we fix the upper part.

советы и хитрости выживания

For making such a wooden cup I highly recommend to use an aspen block. The structure of this wood is much more tightly connected in the places of the wedge. And there are no resins in it as in fresh coniferous trees.

But when you cannot find aspen, you can use any tree. A homemade cup of dry wood can sometimes leak water, so it needs to be soaked in water when it swells you can fully enjoy a cup of hot tea.

Squirrel proof bird feeder

Next to my camp I do everything to make it possible to immerse myself in the forest atmosphere as deep as possible. And the forest singing inhabitants help to feel that atmosphere in the best possible way.

I often make a bird feeder near my camping place. Chirping will spread around the area and please the ear. You can watch and take picture of birds. Now I will teach you how to make a wooden bird feeder.

Last time I made a squirrel proof bird feeder. Its advantage is that it is very practical and easy to make.

The base of the feeder is installed between two trees. It is made from a half of a split log. If there is no solid surface nearby, you can use a tree to wedge the log.

But be careful. For that purpose we can only use a pine. The pine has a very thick crust, and such attacks do not cause any damage.

Depending on the age of the pine bark thickness at breast level reaches 100 mm or even two centimeter. It is impossible to break through the bark with an ax and to get to the wood.

I install one half between the trees flat side up, the second one half will be useful later.

Кормушка для птиц с защитой от белок

The container for the dispenser is also made of logs. We divide it into 4 parts and remove the inner part. The result is a wooden cylinder with a through hole at the top and bottom wrapped with a rope.

кормушка для птиц

I hang the dispenser on a rope above the base of the feeder. This suspension allows you to easily adjust the height. When it is adjusted, the lower part should be fixed with ropes.

как сделать кормушку для птиц

I will cram the bird feeder with sunflower seeds. They contain fatty oil, proteins, carbos and many other substances that are useful for birds.

как сделать кормушку для птиц

Sunflower seeds for forest birds can be given without fear. The hole on top of the dispenser can be covered with the second half of the log. Squirrels will be not able to get inside.

Now you know how to make a squirrel proof bird feeder.

Pine buds          

The forest is very rich and generous with its gifts especially in the spring when it wakes up. It seems to say “I will give you everything you need, take it. But do not take more than you need, do not take everything”. One of the forest treasures are pine buds.

Сосновые почки

They have an incredibly huge number of useful properties. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, antiviral, blood purifying sedative stimulates the immune system used against cough and post-stroke period for joints and muscles for the treatment of asthma. They are taken in the form of decoctions and infusions or can be eaten without any processing.

The best time to harvest pine buds is late February or early March, and it’s best to do it before they bloom. Fresh pine buds taste like pine nuts at a time, it is recommended to eat no more than one handful.

Tricks of survival

The surface is scaly, the scales are glued with resin, it is worth using the kidneys in which the scales are not opened but before using them it is better to remove them. This real forest delicacy is also loved by hares.

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