The Effects of Human Resource Management


The Effects of Human Resources Management: Cultural Institution Stacie M. Dizzley-Streeter

University or college of Baltimore University College or university

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HRMD 610 Section 9080 Planting season 2014


Dr . Arthur Graziano


For seven years I had been employed at a small non-profit cultural establishment in a small city in South Carolina where I had developed volunteered previously for three years. During my a lot of volunteering and employment with this organization I observed how human resources effected the effort place environment as well as how human resources impacted how the public viewed the organization. Human resource management methods can make or break a company, especially an organization that daily operations will be dependent upon volunteers (American Alliance of Museums, 2013). Successful human resources offer an organization which has a competitive edge in a office and have an optimistic correlation the work satisfaction of employees and volunteers (Barbeito, 2004). Successful and effective human resource management might also increase organizational success although reducing intentions of quitting and negative word of mouth of employees (Arasli, Bavik & Ekiz, 2006). If human resource management mechanisms tend not to work effectively and successfully, an employee is going to lack determination and devotion toward the corporation (Barbeito, 2004). I was one of the five paid employees at the museum. There was clearly not much range when it came to competition. I was the only minority used and I was also the youngest paid employee. Almost all of the employees had been Caucasian and between the ages of 50 and 80 years outdated. One employee of the museum was emotionally disabled who had been hired through a special put in the county. The rest of the museum staff is usually comprised of regular volunteers and two high school student interns. Usually when a museum does not have any paid personnel the art gallery board is responsible for the you are not selected human resources. Nevertheless , for museums with paid staff, the responsibilities of the museum panel in controlling the human resources are prolonged to the exec museum director or a senior staff member becomes responsible for managing all other personnel and volunteers of the museum (Merritt, 2008). When I started volunteering in the museum the acting executive director was responsible for handling the employees and volunteers on the museum. The acting professional director acquired previously offered as a business manager and had a background in human resource management.

Problems in Art gallery Human Resource Management

The museum is at a state of crisis and was at risk of closing all their doors. The museum is at financial hardship and had lost the support of the community. The museum needed somebody who would revamp its composition to bring in even more revenue and support to hold the doors in the museum available. The art gallery needed an executive representative who had the necessary experience and skill set to take care of the specific complications the museum was having at the time. It happened in 1999 the acting executive overseer was requested with finding the best candidates to bring before the art gallery board. The museum plank compiled a list of qualifications, education requirements and level of encounter that prospects had to have and as well as a list of preferred certification. The operating executive representative used the criterion that was made a decision upon to look for qualified candidate whom she brought before the board; nevertheless , the art gallery board would not choose one of the candidates. A person with no experience of museums or perhaps non-profit agencies was chosen solely based on his familial relation to one of many members from the museum board. The executive board frequently undermined the brand new museum director's authority which makes it difficult for her to do her job. There was clearly an episode when a subscriber wanted unique treatment for his daughter who was obtaining an opportunity financed by the museum. The professional director...

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