The Evolution in the computer era

п»їThe Evolution of the computer age

First Generation (vacuum tube age)

First computer named ENIAC (electronic numerical integrator and computer) completed in 1946. More advanced personal computers based on ENIACS called UNIVAC becomes available to acquire in 1951. IBM provides computer to its organization and sells over a thousand IMB devices in 1951-1953. First application that converts language signs into guidelines that a computer system can do. Introduction of first coding language ubersetzungsprogramm called FORTRAN (formula translator) in 1957. Second Era (the transistor age)

Bell laboratories invent first computers built with transistors in 1958 The initial removable hard drive pack is usually invented in 1959, allowing users to have access to stored info. Introduction with the first software programming vocabulary called COBOL (Com in Business Oriented Language) in 1960. ASCII ((American Standard Code or information Interchange is invented in 1963. It enables computers to change information. Standard electronic organization invents ERMA (electronic saving machine accounting) in 1959.

Third Generation (the integrated signal age)

Initially computers built with integrated brake lines which contains multiple resistors and electric chips as one chip. Introduced in 1964. IBM invents System/360. They can be a type of compatible pcs that use a similar programs in 1964. DECEMBER invents initial minicomputer and introduction in the BASIC coding language. Introduction of ARPNET the beginning of the world wide web and APPLE sells software program and components separately.

Fourth Generation (the microprocessor age)

Introduction of computers constructed with chips apply LSI (large scale integration) in 1970 The Intel 4004 microprocessor is invented four decades ago by wyatt Hoff. LOCAL AREA NETWORK is manufactured by Xerox CL?TURE and the MITS Inc. Altair becomes one of the most successful microcomputer and markets for $400 a kit. Apple Inc. invents first hobbyist computer in 1977.

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