Things Fall Apart

 Essay about Things Break apart

Miles Trieger

Professor Grosskopf

LA, 9/3


Inside the novel " Things Show up Apart” by Chinua Achebe, femininity can be giving you the bottom perspective of life and never living it to its fullest even though of your love-making, but then masculinity is exactly the contrary. In this novel, we find many examples of if the women are treated since lesser then this men. We are finding examples where it is made fun of or maybe frowned upon. Not merely being a female but in in a number of case having femininity. Items much such as this will come around often in the book.

Among the obvious factors this is a concern is that the men have multiple girlfriends or wives sometimes many. " Regardless of how prosperous a male was, in the event he was struggling to rule his women and kids (especially his women) he was not really a man”(Achabe 53). To begin with, how they say, " regulation his woman” already displays what the romance is like. It can more of a dictatorship that a well known relationship. Currently you could use similar sentence nevertheless use the term respect instead of rule, and it would help to make perfect sense. Certainly they would always be speaking of a single woman rather than many. Which will brings me to my own main level. Having multiple wives is against the law inside our country and in many cases a desprovisto in Christianity. It is essentially putting down the woman of that nation. You are much lesser of a person and automatically do not say in anything. This kind of relates to my main idea because it reveals how masculinity has the upper hand in life for their control over women.

A second model is that femininity is frowned upon and sometimes even made fun of. Men prefer to think of themselves as masculine as they may for self-assurance and other causes. Even within our culture guys will make entertaining of various other guys using put downs that are relevant to femininity. On page 65 of the novel Okonkwo is sense week which is trying to know what is going about with him self. " Once did you feel a shivering old woman” […] " Okonkwo you may have become a woman indeed” (65). Like I was...

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