Valuation of Investments

Value of investments:

RBI has released guidelines intended for valuing both the quoted and unquoted investments. Valuation of Quoted Investments:

The market worth for the purpose of periodical valuation of investments within the Available for Sale and the Held to get trading classes would be the selling price of the scrip from one of the following options:

•Quotes/Trades on the Stock exchanges

•SGL Account transactions

•Price list of RBI

•Prices reported by Major Dealers Relationship of India (PDAI) along with FIMMDA

Valuation of Unquoted SLR CAMERA Securities:

Central Govt. Investments should be highly valued on the basis of the prices/ YTM rates released by the PDAI/ FIMMDA in periodical times. The six. 00 per cent Capital Listed Bonds could possibly be valued in " cost” and Treasury Bills ought to be valued by carrying price. State Government securities as well as the other approved investments will be respected applying the YTM technique by observing it up simply by 25 basis points above the yields in the Central Federal government Securities of equivalent maturity put out by simply PDAI/ FIMMDA periodically. Valuation of Unquoted Non-SLR Securities:


Almost all debentures/ a genuine other than debentures/ bonds that happen to be in the nature of improve should be respected on the YTM basis. Such debentures/ you possess may be of different companies having different scores. These will probably be valued with appropriate mark-up over the YTM rates intended for Central Government securities since put out simply by PDAI/ FIMMDA periodically. The mark-up will probably be graded according to the ratings designated to the debentures/ bonds by the rating firms subject to the following: •The rate used for the YTM intended for rated debentures/ bonds must be at least 50 basis points over a rate appropriate to a Federal government of India loan of equivalent maturity. •The level used for the YTM for unrated debentures/ bonds should not be less than the rate applicable to rated debentures/ bonds of equivalent maturity. The mark-up for the unrated debentures/ bonds should appropriately reveal the credit risk borne by the bank. •Where the debenture/ bonds are cited and there have been transactions inside 15 days prior to the valuation date, the value followed should not be higher than the rate when the deal is recorded on the stock exchange. •Where interest/principle on the debentures/bonds is in arrears, the provisions will be created for the debentures as in the truth of debenture/bonds treated while advances. The depreciation/provision requirements towards debentures where the curiosity is in debts or main is not really paid as per due date will not be allowed to become set off against appreciation against other debenture/bonds.


Actually zero coupon a genuine should be shown in the books at holding cost, i. e., obtain cost in addition discount built up at the price prevailing at the time of acquisition, which can be marked to sell with reference to the marketplace value. In the absence of market value, the actually zero coupon a genuine may be marked to market with reference to the present value of the zero coupon bond. The present benefit of the no coupon you possess may be worked out by discounting the face worth using the Absolutely no Coupon Produce Curve with appropriate mark up as per the zero coupon spreads put out by simply FIMMDA routinely. In case your bank is still holding the zero coupon you possess at acquisition cost, the discount accumulated on the instrument should be notionally added to the book value of the scrip, before observing it to sell. PREFERENCE STOCKS AND SHARES:

The valuation of inclination shares should be on YTM basis. The preference stocks and shares will be granted by firms with different rankings. These will probably be valued with appropriate mark-up over the YTM rates for Central Federal government securities put out by the PDAI/FIMMDA periodically. The mark-up will be graded based on the ratings designated to the choice shares by rating agencies subject to this: •The YTM rate ought not to be lower than the coupon rate/ YTM for a GOI...

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