Virgin Mobile Strategy



5. Virgin Mobile, a top branded venture capital organization, is among the world's best and respected brands. В Created in 1970 simply by Sir Rich Branson, the Virgin Mobile Group has gone onto grow extremely successful businesses in industries ranging from mobile telephony, to transportation, travel, financial services, leisure, music, holiday seasons, publishing and retailing. Virgin Mobile has created much more than 200 brand companies globally, employing roughly 50, 1000 people, in 29 countries. Its profits around the world 5 years ago exceeded ВЈ10 billion (approx. US$20 billion).

* Virgin India is a brand business association involving the Virgin Mobile Group and Struktur Teleservices to launch the Virgin Mobile brand of services in India.

5. The company was set up in 2007 to pay attention to telecom solutions for the youth industry.

* Struktur Teleservices is usually one of India's leading telecommunications service providers, with a customer base of over twenty-three million.

5. The brand as well available in 20 telecom sectors and will be serviced by 9 centres throughout nine Indian cities.

5. The company is definitely headquartered in New Delhi, India.


* 15 million youngsters customers around four continents

* Champion of almost eight JD Capabilities customer satisfaction honours in six years * The very best the most admired brand in UK

5. Ranked eighteenth most valuable telecom brand in the world


In American indian mobile market, Virgin mobile iis a remarkable player based on its business structure and technique. It is the simply service provider which does not maintain any bandwidth and mobile setup infrastructure but uses Tata Teleservices spectrum and is also penetrating industry totally upon its branding and online marketing strategy. Creating a market brand and promoting that to particular customer segment with proper marketing continues to be key to success pertaining to virgin mobile throughout the world. Understanding Virgin's business Model

Virgin mobile has advertised itself since the brand intended for young India, keeping the Of india youth as the target customer segment. The concept behind concentrating on this segment can be found handed down in virgin's business model. The salient popular features of Virgin's business design from buyer perspective are: 1) With intensive competition and lowering voice tariffs, the profit margins for voice service happen to be decreasing day by day. So , the future profit strategy is making the most of profit margins through data services in fact it is youth segment which provides optimum data services revenues. 2) Future output of increasing young and working inhabitants of India as 65% of general population by 2020. 3) Increased make use of data services in future due to scientific advancements.

So , in portable sector where all other players are trying to give similar in order to different buyer segments, virgin is concentrating on specific part with customized plans keeping its permanent goals in mind.


* Throughout the world:

* Market size: -- 4. 1 billion mobile customers around the world.

5. Major players: -Vodafone, Verizon, AT& To, T-mobile, Fruit, China Mobile phone * India:

2. Indian mobile phone market is growing at an outstanding pace during the last five years as mobile phone has become a recognized brand in the country. Be it business or personal make use of, mobile phones are getting to be a necessity in India. The subscriber bottom in India has increased can be 83% within the last 1 year. The present tele-density in India is about 24% which is very l'ensemble des as compared to a number of other developed countries. Looking at the Indian portable market we are able to find out that about six-hundred million folks are still devoid of mobile phones. American indian mobile reader base is placed to contact about 400.00 million till the year 2010. The growth in the Indian mobile phone market is becoming fuelled by simply rapidly dropping handset rates. In India less than Rs 5000 category accounts for about 60% of the market. * Market size: -

1) At the moment 302 million wireless readers in India

2) Wireless subscribers are...

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